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Code of Conduct of the Japan In-House Lawyers Association

Code of conduct

Enacted April 13, 2012

Japanese lawyers are professionals who are required to have comprehensive and sophisticated legal expertise, developed through diligent study of legal practice and practical experience, and professional ethics based on the principles such as the Lawyers’ Law of Japan and the Basic Rules on the Duties of Lawyers of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations . Japanese in-house lawyers are also expected to perform their duties as a member of an organization, having an in-depth understanding of its business activities and demonstrating good communication skills combined with respect and empathy for their co-workers. A Japanese in-house lawyer is meant to use these special qualities to facilitate appropriate and harmonious execution of the organization’s business operations and contribute to enhancement of its corporate value, and to ensure that the rule of law prevails. The Japan In-House Lawyers Association is a body whose main purpose is to engage in the following activities based on the assumptions outlined above.

  • Deepen understanding and enhance perception of Japanese in-house lawyers by the public and seek to broaden the scope of their activities by researching issues relating to in-house lawyers, proposing policies where necessary, and presenting them to the relevant institutions.
  • Assist Japanese in-house lawyers to enhance their skills and to develop insight by offering them
  • Encourage Japanese in-house lawyers to share knowledge, experience and information with each other through networking and offering them the opportunity to get to know each other.