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Greetings from the President, and Introduction of Board Members

Greetings from the President

I am Yasushi Murofushi, the third president of JILA now elected for a third term. Over the coming two years, I will be the president of JILA and I hope I can rely on your guidance and encouragement.

When I joined JILA five years ago, JILA had around 300 members. Since then, this figure has almost quadrupled, reaching 1,211 members (971 Regular Members, 174 Associate Members and 66 Non-Registered Members) as of March 31 this year. Ranked by size of membership, JILA comes after the “Three Tokyo Local Bar Associations” and the bar associations of Osaka, Aichi and Nara Prefectures. As of the end of December last year, a total of 1,574 in-house lawyers were working at 781 companies in Japan. In 2001, when JILA began compiling statistics, there was a total of 65 in-house lawyers working at 39 companies, which means that over the last 15 years, the number of in-house lawyers in the corporate sector has increased more than 23 fold and the number of companies employing in-house lawyers has increased more than 20 fold. As of June last year, there were 181 lawyers working for central government or local government agencies as fixed-term public employees.

Both the number of in-house lawyers and the number of organizations that employ them are thus steadily increasing. However, since the percentage of in-house lawyers only accounts for just over 4% of the total number of lawyers in Japan, these figures are by no means high compared with Europe and the United States. Consider, if you will, that if every Japanese listed company hired one in-house lawyer, around 3,500 in-house lawyers would be required. The number of government agencies that hire lawyers is also still small.

And it is not just JILA’s membership that is growing. JILA’s three branches, ten divisions and ten study groups are also becoming increasingly active. JILA’s three committees: The Research Committee, Training Programs Committee and Public Relations Committee are also steadily chalking up a track record and even more fruitful activities are expected in the future. Similarly, in our public relations activities, opportunities for ongoing talks between JILA and the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and individual bar associations have been established, and starting last year, JILA’s regular meetings were acknowledged as training that satisfies the training obligations of the Daini Tokyo Bar Association and, starting this year, activities as an executive of JILA are expected to be acknowledged as performance of the obligation of association activities by the Tokyo Bar Association. We intend to lobby other individual associations to give similar acknowledgement.

I would like you all to take another look at the “Code” enacted when I became president. In the performance of one’s duties, it is not so simple to achieve the ideal of an in-house lawyer extolled in the Code, that is, the achievement of harmony between the profession, which is backed by a high level of expertise and professional ethics, and membership of an organization. We believe that, especially for young in-house lawyers who are in company where there are not many lawyers, acquiring practical knowledge at regular meetings and study groups, sharing various doubts and concerns through the JILA network and getting advice on resolving them from more senior members in order to get closer to the ideal of an in-house lawyer is an extremely important advantage of being a member of JILA.

Finally, I would like to thank our supporting organizations for all their valuable financial assistance.

April 2016
Japan In-House Lawyers Association (JILA)
President Yasushi Murofushi

Board Members, etc.

Board Members

In office from April 2016 to April 2018

President Yasushi Murofushi (Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited)
Deputy President Fumitaka Eshima (UBS Securities Japan Co., Ltd)
Mari Hiraizumi (Boehringer Ingelheim Japan, Inc.)
Tadashi Okamoto (Established Ginza Partner’s Legal Office)
Board Members
Masahiro Homma(NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.)
Hideyuki Kiuchi(JVCKENWOOD Corporation)
Ichiro Ashihara(Zurich Insurance Group)
Miki Sakakibara(Panasonic Corporation)
Yasuhiro Umeda(Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
Hiroshi Inada(Aozora Bank, Ltd.)
Takeshi Nakano(Izhizawa, Jin and Sato Legal Office)
Takayuki Irie(TOHO GAS Co., Ltd.)
Daisuke Ueda(Kansai Telecasting Corporation)
Kazunari Fujimoto(Kyoei Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.)
Yuichiro Watanabe(Airbnb North East Asia Counsel)
Takashi Kunimatsu(Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc)
Toshiya Yukimura(The Financial Reconstruction Commission / currently The Tokyo-Marunouchi Law Offices)
Administrative organization

In office from April 2016 to April 2018

Secretary General Yasuhiro Umeda (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
Deputy Secretary General
Atsushi Ito (Financial Services Agency)
Daisuke Ueda(Kansai Telecasting Corporation)
Takashi Kunimatsu(Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc./ Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.)
Takeshi Nakano(EY Japan / currently Ishizawa, Ko & Sato Law Office)
Saori Noda(Hoya Corporation)
Yuichiro Watanabe(Airbnb)